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We’re a Fashion hub for creative entrepreneurs, aspiring and existing businesses, or personal brands, providing services to help you take your brand from eh.. to EVERYTHING! We’re full of dope ideas to help you stand out in what seems to be an overcrowded sea of brands everywhere you look on social media. The Look Startup is an exclusive one-stop-shop that is dedicated to serving fashion industry professionals, thought leaders, and go-getters that are determined to see their dreams to reality.

What Do The Streets Say?...

Kavara McDonald is such a pleasure to work with.  She is so creative and free-spirited.  As a fellow introvert and entrepreneur, I recommend her for her high-level working knowledge to Social Media content creation strategies.  She is very precise.  If you are looking to get ahead in the game…Hire Kavara McDonald, Lifestyle Architect.

Chauncia Jones, owner of InfiniteDirection, L.L.C. 

I must say that working with Kavara is a pleasure. I like the pick my brain segments. 🧠 I am a new business owner and many tasks are overwhelming. Now that I am working with Kousin K, (This is what I call her😁) My to do list is becoming shorter which is allowing room for new goals!!
Thanks Kousin K