How to Grow Your Instagram Page This Week

Quick easy tips to grow your Instagram this week, anyone can do it!

The biggest tip I have to offer is to be engaging. The platform is set up for those that are most active. I know we may not have all 24 hours to be scrolling through social media to make sure we are posting and being active so in to maintain some kind of presents, I try to post at least once a day whether that's a quote, an old image (old to me new to you), a question for people to answer I also noticed as long as I'm relatable more people engage with me. You can get the 10 free Instagram templates to use and customize for your brand right HERE.


Like, share & create

Go like some content don't be selfish you must give to receive now you may not get the likes back from every page you like something on but you will from some and with the engaging comments you post you're sure to be noticed by someone. Now with sharing all of this love ❤️ you'll have to careful not to overdose on it. Yup, Now the reason sharing too much love will hurt you is because people will use bots to try to trick the system to think they are a person and because AI isn't perfect yet.... IG's way of cutting back on bots is by keeping track of your normal user behavior. For EX: If you are anything like me than social media just isn't that important to you and you rather spend your time doing other important things for your family, or yourself and not feeling the need to post something all day every day. Unless you live that lifestyle it can be really hard to maintain. Back on topic; IG will look at your patterns and if you only post once a month, every 5 months or something like that and all of a sudden you started posting 7 times a day and liking every picture that hit your feed and leaving smiley faces👌👍🏽😎 all day under all the pictures you'd be identified as a bot; think about it would you trust someone that wasn't really active on social media and their last post was from 2015 & they started liking all of your pictures you'd give them side-eye too 🤷🏽‍♀️ don't act like you wouldn't. You can like it but, don't go overboard.

What does this look like?

Just a general guide:

Week 1 (continue this every week until you're posting 3x daily on your feed liking 50 posts, & commenting on 25 posts per day)

Day 1: Like 20-25 posts Comment on 5

Day 2: Like 30-35 posts Comment on 7

Day 3: Like 30-40 posts Comment on 10-15

Day 4: Like 30-35 posts Comment on 15- 20

Day 5: Like 50 posts Comment on 25 pictures 

No one wants to follow a ghost town so do your part and post some content not just of you but, of other people, quotes, questions, videos, and so on. Use your stories, this is where you can have a lot of fun! Short videos sneak peeks, bts, stickers, music and so much more! Follow accounts of the people you want to work with and follow some of the people that are following your competitors. Be of value and show up. (Side note* Look through the comments to see what types of questions their followers are asking and get to work creating content that will answer those questions) 

To-Do List:


Create a list of hashtags and you need to make sure you're creating a list of relative hashtags also I have like 4-5 different hashtag groups that I mix and match on my page to keep things fresh. 


I use Planoly they have a free plan which of course will limit how often you can post and you lose some of the features but, the paid plan is really affordable too it $9 monthly and $7 annually paid out. But, there are others like Later, Hootsuite, and others.


To get you back into the groove of things if you're having trouble with what to post grab the Social Media Content Cheat Sheet.


Don't just find and post any type of hashtags, think about what industry you're in, what industry would you be able to partner with if you are in the hair industry makeup is considered a relative industry and you should follow hashtags 

Key takeaways: Value/ Educate your client & customers, promote/highlight some of your products, share reviews/testimonials, tell your brand's story, and remember the 80/20 educate, share, repost, personal, sell.