Business Systems Your Small Business Needs

Basic systems all businesses need to have in place.

Let's start with what a system is:

- a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method.

Marketing System

marketing system is those repeatable processes that enable you to eliminate the guesswork and manage your marketing more effectively and can run without you, to some degree.

Marketing is anything you do to generate a sell.

Posting, interacting with your social media, sending out emails, answering questions on blogs being active in FB groups, optimizing your website to make it easier to convert buyers.

Sales System

A sales system gets you organized, helps you manage contacts better, makes tracking sales deals more efficient and saves you time. In short, a sales system is a tool that makes managing your sales opportunities effortless. Sales management software can help you sell more by keeping you focused on the right deals and making sure you never forget to follow up with a prospect.

(Pipe Drive)

Fulfillment System

For a boutique owner and to anyone that is selling physical products it is imperative to have a fulfillment system in place. You don't want to have to redeem yourself to a bunch of people that don't know you about why the wrong product or wrong size has been sent out.

(Side note: People that never had the experience with you will talk the worst about your business than the person that actually purchased (lol 😂 the internet🤷🏽‍♀️). You also can avoid the shipping times being trash even in the pandemic there should be a general time frame in which your people receive their purchases. Systems keep the business moving smoothly so you can maintain the trust you earned and you keep happy buyers.

Lastly, you don't want to have to be shuffling every time and order comes in either, whether you're a small time business own or you have more orders coming in than usual, you should know where all your products are at any given time and know how many of each you have to avoid having sold out products listed and having to back track to give a refund or try to convince them to purchase something else.

Administration System

Administrative systems refer to systems and processes for filing and record keeping, office correspondence, phone call management, internal communication, and administrative duties need to set up a basic administrative system. 

Legal System

What does protection for your business look like? What types of agreements, contracts, consent forms do you use in your business? Do you need to use them? Where can you find help writing them? Who will help you review them to make sure your best interest is first? Where do you get legal advise?

Operational System

An operational system is a system of your day to day activities, business practices that create the highest level of efficiency possible within your organization. It is what makes your business efficient as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.