The Marketing Process!

What does the marketing process look like? Accrue Marketing shared some great tips on how the marketing process works so we're sharing them here, to learn more just click their name and you can learn more there.
  1. Design: Develop your brand, positioning, purpose and process.
  2. Attention: An external process to make people aware of you.
  3. Engagement: Get people to interact with your content or information.
  4. Enrollment: Attempt to inspire people and incite action.
  5. Purchase: Facilitate a buyer’s purchase and support process.
  6. Reputation: The experience you design translates into customer satisfaction.
  7. Sharing: Delighted customers share their experience and offer referrals.
  8. Retention: Communicate with customers to entice them back.
  9. Recognition: Thank people to show appreciation and build relationships.
  10. Recovery: When mistakes happen, you work to restore trust in the relationship.